Live Industry Experience

Learn with Live Projects, Arduino, Raspbery Pi and Robotics, I.O.T and More

100% Job Assurance

Get Placed as Mentors, Research Assistant, Business Develoment Exec or your Skill Appropriate Job

2  Months Full time Internship

150 Hours of Learning,10+ Core Modules covered, 03 Industry Level Live Projects

Skill Ready Program

Experiential Learning encompasses a variety of activities including Projects, Workshops and showcasing

Internship Program

Welcome to aspiring Students

We are a technology company on a mission to equip students with relevant skills & practical exposure to help them get the best possible start to their careers. Imagine a world full of freedom and possibilities. A world where you can discover your passion and turn it into your career. A world where you graduate fully assured, confident, and prepared to stake a claim on your place in the world.

Skilled Instructors

Practical Classes


Skilled Instructors

Live Projects

100% Job Assurance

2 Months Internship (with Job Placement)

Knowing your own skills can be challenging, we often don’t realize our true potential nor give it a second thought. With enough options and exploring,one can completely shape their future & Destiny.

We believe the youth must be given such an opportunity, to unlock their hidden skills plus we provide a wide array of subjects to choose from. In this 6 Months Internship Program, you’re not just sitting through a lecture, rather we encourage and make you to learn the topics practically!

Learn the fundamentals of each subject! Only when you master these basic concepts,you will truly understand what you have learned while being able to execute and go beyond the syllabus.

The Subjects you can Learn are:

Block Coding: The easiest way to learn and step into the programming world

Arduino: An Open-Source software, learn to turn inputs into outputs using the Arduino boards

Raspberry Pi: A Computer running on a Single Board and the Operating System

I.O.T: Which stands of Internet of Thing. Understand the Workings of Alexa, Google Home etc.

Introduction to A.I: Learn the Inner workings of Artificial Intelligence, study concepts such as Chat GPT

Hardware and Networking: Explore the Physical Components, troubleshooting, Basics of Networking

What is Included

Robotics & Coding


Sensors, IOT, A.I

Electronics, Block Coding

Raspberry Pi
Single Board Computers, Operating System
Assembly, trouble shooting, OS, Database
Python, Block Coding
I.O.T, A.I, Alexa, Google Home 
Learn - Share - Explore

Unlimited Possibilities